A great coffee tells customers your other products are probably great too

We will help you get there, lets grow your business together

*** Some of our joint successes

     11kg per week to 120kg in 3 years

     35kg per week to 90kg (and growing)

     30kg per week to 75kg (and growing)

     Startup to 90kg per week

     10kg to 35kg per week

Why do cafes choose us?

We have been in coffee for 25 years plus.  10 cafes owned and sold and years of roasting experience, means we know how to get you to grow, and we know coffee.

Why do our customers like working with us?

Our direct phone numbers, we're 2 people, not a faceless company.  Computer roasted coffee profiles means the same great coffee every week.  No weird, inconsistent, bitter, over roasted, under roasted, stale stuff. The right machinery to get consistent coffee everyday across your staff coffee equipent has evolved. Training - over 300 baristas trained so far. Smooth coffee - not cheap fill ins.

I'm still not sure - what if I lose customers?

We've stood there.  In your shoes.  With our money on the line. 10 times so far. 

Its scary. But is it?  Is it really scary giving your customers a better product backed with years of tried and tested experience? No, its exciting.

Its scary doing the same thing over and over, but expecting the result to be different.  This is the first step to start growing.

Other stuff we do/have done

Blend match

Overhaul your blend to a desired taste output

Roast and pack with your sticker, pack blank bags for you to use or you can choose from one of our branded blends to showcase in your cafe.

We offer a full catalogue of supporting products like chocolate, syrup, tea, chai, branded cups and espresso machine bits and pieces.

There is probably a good chance we can save you money too!

Lets chat!