Premium Caramel Syrup 1Lt



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    Amazing coffee! Hella smooth! delivery was quick too
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    Dropped into Orange and heard about this place. Coffee was awesome! Bought some for home, great info from the staff
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    One of the stops on our road trip through NSW. Coffee was amazing. Pretty cool find in the country. Pity we arent coming this way on the way back
  • ★★★★★
    The pods are smooth, really smooth! I'm going to get work to buy them for the office
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Roasting Responsibly

In 2022, after consultation with industry experts and coffee professionals we trust, combined with our own roasting experience over the years, we purchased one of the most important tools in our business, our Loring coffee roaster.

Loring roasters, hand built out of LA in the US, use a patented air recirculation method to roast coffee in an improved drum roaster set up, drastically reducing the use for gas (up to 80% less than traditional drum roasters) in the process. This combined with technology to enable a roaster to make repeatable roasts with micro adjustments along the way, makes this one of the very best roasters in the world.

Environmental change is, and will continue to, have devasting impacts on crops around the world. Coffee crop is no exception. Here at Kite Coffee, we want to do what we can to not further contribute to that impact.

If you're around Orange, we are often roasting, come in and watch the Loring in action.